How lockdown 2.0 has affected delivery...

England is now in lockdown 2.0 which has resulted in bars, restaurants and non-essential shops closing from the 5th November through to the 2nd December. This lockdown has had a dramatic impact on the hospitality sector overall but how has it affected restaurants doing delivery and takeaway?...

Has there been an increase or decrease in restaurants offering delivery?

Whilst local restaurants may be re-opening their own direct delivery and collection, we have seen a dramatic decrease in the overall number of restaurants and pubs offering delivery. Analysing all venues on Deliveroo pre and mid lockdown we have seen a drop of 2,600 venues which are no longer open (c8% of Deliveroo's total range).

When did this change?

The majority of venues shut for the first day of lockdown. The chart below details the change in venues across Deliveroo for the days before and after lockdown. There is a relatively continuous churn in venues with new venues joining the platform and venues dropping off. The most noticeable change was on the first day of lockdown with the majority of venues shutting their doors the previous night.

Source: takealytics Count of newly listed venues and date venues were last seen on Deliveroo

Who has closed?

The closing of venues has happened across the board with independent restaurants as well as chains choosing to close during this time. A quarter of the closures have come from the larger chains. More traditional pub chains such as Greene King have shut all locations, whilst fast food chains such as Subway, Burger King and Pret continue to offer delivery in most locations. See table below.

Source: takealytics - Table shows the total venue count open at the end of October and the total venue open since lockdown (venues open on 13th Nov) based on restaurants on Deliveroo.

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Data above is based on venues available on the 28th October (before lockdown) and up to 13th November (mid lockdown). Content is based on restaurants on Deliveroo.