Supermarkets 101: An overview of who is on each platform...

Supermarket coverage on delivery platforms has grown hugely during the Covid-19 pandemic, with much publicity of Aldi, Co-op and Waitrose launching on Deliveroo. But it's not just Deliveroo that has got into the Grocery game. All three platforms now offer Grocery. So how do each of these retailers and platforms fare?

Its all about Convenience

  • Convenience retailers dominate the takeaway space accounting for 80% of all grocery venues (1704 locations) followed by Supermarkets which account for 12%.

  • Retailers such as Co-op, Londis, Shell and McColls which haven't previously had an e-commerce offering have now opened up their estate to delivery, offering consumers the ability to receive daily essentials directly to their homes in minutes.

Platforms offering delivery dominate

  • Deliveroo and Uber dominate the grocery sector with only Asda on Just Eat.

  • Average Reviews by platform indicate Deliveroo offers the best experience with an average review score of 4.6, Uber is close behind at 4.5, whilst Just Eat is the lowest at 3.5 out of 5.

  • Uber delivers the fastest with an average delivery time of 26 minutes; Deliveroo is 27 minutes and Just Eat is an average of 41 minutes.

Not just the Essentials

  • Each of the platforms are offering an extensive range of products with on average 330 products being available for delivery from Convenience and Supermarket chains; offering everything from Groceries to Toiletries and Alcohol.

  • Despite this extensive range many of the items are frequently out of stock with around 19% of lines being unavailable for purchase.

The table below details each of the chains selling Groceries and Alcohol, which platform they operate on, their average range, reviews, % out of stocks and delivery time.

Data as at 10th October 2020


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