Who are the largest takeaway brands?

We detail below which restaurant chains have the greatest delivery coverage across the country and who operates on each platform.

Of the 10 largest brands (in terms of number of locations) only four operate on more than one platform, with chains arranging exclusive agreements. As we move down the rankings more of the restaurants operate on multiple platforms.

Based on the top 50 restaurant chains listed in the table below, Deliveroo offers coverage of 34 chains, followed by Uber Eats with 30 and Just Eat with 24.

Of the top five restaurant chains, Uber Eats dominates in coverage with more venues available on their platform than that of Deliveroo or Just Eat.

Subway has by far the greatest number of venues available for delivery with on average of 1,237 venues available on each platform.

Table shows count of venue locations on each platform Source: Takealytics.com

  • Average by Platform - average count of locations shown on each platform

  • Total across Platforms - count of venues across all three platforms. If the same location is listed on all three platforms this will count as 3.

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Source: takealytics.com


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