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Delivering for Consultancies

With real time data from 100k+ restaurants takealytics gives Consultancies the analytics they need. takealytics insights are used to aid restaurants in their market strategies and new market sector decisions.

Launching in new markets

If your client is planning to launch into a new country takealytics can help pinpoint the right locations to deliver maximum market share. See the number of restaurants by food type, key competitors, their pricing, promotions, availability, range and reviews.

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-_Analysing Performance.png

Analysing performance

By combining takealytics market metrics with restaurant's sales data you can get a clear understanding of the factors which drive stronger sales performance in each location. See how having key competitors on the same platform influences sales.

Optimising platform content

Restaurants see significant sales growth when menu items have clear names and descriptions, and images are populated for every item.

takealytcs monitors the completeness of these fields across platforms and over a whole restaurant's estate. 

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Making takeaway more profitable

takealytics tracks pricing of menu items across every venue. By comparing this to on site pricing takealytics can identify which competitor restaurants are increasing prices to offset platform fees and if there is the market opportunity for your clients to do the same.

See why the world’s leading consultancies use takealytics to accelerate their client's online sales.

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