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Menu Analysis

takealytics monitors every restaurant's menu to highlight any inconsistencies across the aggregators and throughout your estate. 


All too often, there are discrepancies in restaurant menus on the aggregators, resulting in lost revenue and a confusing customer experience:

Items aren’t loaded correctly when menus are updated


Restaurants incorrectly mark items as delisted or out of stock


Price changes aren’t shown correctly across every platform

Promotional items don’t have the right imagery

No more Manual Checks! 

Many restaurants update their menu on a monthly basis, changing seasonal lines.

Reviewing each of these changes can be extremely time consuming, opening hundreds of URL’s across Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats to ensure the correct menu items are shown.

ENTER takealytics...

Menu Report.jpg

takealytics captures menu data and matches it across each of the aggregators. Each menu item is compared and discrepancies are highlighted.

See when:

  • Availability changes across aggregators

  • Pricing is incorrect

  • Product Images are missing 

  • Descriptions are blank or have spelling mistakes

  • Alcohol Flags are not correctly set which could result in selling items to minors.

Each of the above is displayed in one simple to digest report. Our clients use this report on a weekly basis to review and update their menu when inconsistencies have occurred.

This report saves our clients considerable time in managing their menus, increases revenue and vastly improves the consumer experience.

"It is vitally important for us to have a consistent and accurate representation of the KFC brand across all of our delivery partners. The takealytics service provides game-changing data that helps us to achieve these aims"

Aislinn Campbell 

KFC UK Channel Lead – Delivery

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