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Grid Builder

Easily evaluate the performance of any metric shown on the aggregators across your estate. 


Grid Builder gives access to all the fields tracked in takealytics with each venue automatically matched across the aggregators. Compare Delivery Time, Availability, Reviews, Promotions, Opening Hours, Hero Images and Menu Items for your restaurants as well as your competitors. All data can be shown in the platform or exported into Excel. 

Grid Builder.png

Filter to show the data you need

Choose the exact fields you want to see in your report and filter the data. Do you want to see which venues are missing the "Sandwich" food tag, have two star reviews or delivery times over 45 minutes? 

Pick any data and time to understand performance at that point. 

Easily export reports directly into Excel

Any report you build in Grid Builder can be exported into Excel. The data can be shared directly with the aggregators using their own venue ID's, making it easy to understand and address any venue issues.

Excel example.png
Launched on date.png

Track new listings and delistings

takealytics records when a restaurant is first seen and last seen. Filter your report to show restaurants listed in the last month. See which new restaurant types are popping up or where your competitors are launching. 

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