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Venue Dashboard

Restaurant Managers can easily monitor their delivery performance with takealytics Venue Dashboard, showing all aggregators in one place.


The Venue Dashboard shows matched data for a restaurant or supermarket at one specific location. Compare Availability, Delivery Times, Opening Hours as well as Food Tags, Promotions, Menu Items and Reviews to ensure your restaurant is being consistently shown across all aggregators.

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See when restaurants "Should be Open"

takealytics monitors your restaurants' performance every 30 minutes, cross checks this against your communicated opening hours and flags any instances where your restaurant should be open but isn't. Be alerted in real-time to availability issues across your estate. 

Identify a Venue or Platform Issue

Easily identify when your restaurant is not available on a specific aggregator or delivery times are high. takealytics monitors the performance of all nearby restaurants to identify if this is a venue issue e.g the tablet has not been set to available, or a platform issue such as limited rider supply.

Venue Notification.png

Notify unavailable Restaurants

If a restaurant is not accepting orders because an aggregators tablet is not switched on or remains set to unavailable, takealytics will automatically call the restaurant and notify them of the issue to ensure your estate is open and available when it should be. 

Identify range gaps

Most restaurants sell a similar range across aggregators. Reduce lost revenue by checking for patterns of items incorrectly loaded, marked out of stock, missing images or descriptions. 

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81% of shoppers will wait up to a maximum of 45 minutes for their delivery. If the estimated delivery time is greater than this they will purchase elsewhere. Ensuring your restaurant has capacity to delivery in less than 45mins is key to winning orders.  The Delivery Time Calendar makes it easy to see when your restaurant is suffering from high delivery times. Compare this to nearby restaurants to identify if this is a rider supply or kitchen capacity issue. If this is kitchen capacity consider adding extra kitchen resource or a simplified menu at this time. 

Delivery Time Calenar.png


takealytics Promotional Timeline shows when promotions have taken place on each aggregator. As promotions change daily and result in a considerable uplift in sales ensuring your promotions happened when planned is key.  Easily see the promotional activity which occurred by aggregator by day.

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