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Beyond the Menu: The benefits of analysing competitors' in-restaurant pricing and range

Keeping tabs on your competitors' pricing can provide you with valuable insights into the competitive landscape. By tracking your competitors' pricing, you can gain a better understanding of what your competitors are charging for similar menu items and make informed decisions about your own pricing strategies. This data can also help you to identify trends in the market and adjust your pricing accordingly to remain competitive.

Tracking your competitors pricing can also provide valuable information about their range of menu items. Using this data you can easily identify gaps in your own menu and adjust accordingly.

Such menu pricing data can be collected from delivery aggregators - giving you an understanding of how your pricing compares when viewed on Deliveroo, Just Eat or Uber Eats.

Takealytics menu reports - tracking price matched across the aggregators

Alternatively you can understand in-restaurant pricing and compare that to the pricing on delivery aggregators. This helps to give greater insight into your competitors pricing strategy and seeing how they uplift prices for delivery.

There are a variety of methods for tracking in-restaurant pricing, with this data traditionally being collected manually by a field team. This methodology is both time consuming and expensive.

Takealytics utilises web scraping to capture this data - providing pricing from in-restaurant menus across all of your competitors locations providing you with valuable insights into the competitive landscape in a more efficient manner.

See in-restaurant pricing collected for your whole competitors estate - this example shows Wagamama pricing

In the highly competitive restaurant industry, understanding and tracking your competitors' in-restaurant pricing can be a key factor in staying ahead of the competition. By analysing competitors' pricing data and range of menu items, you can adjust your own pricing and menu strategies to remain competitive and provide the best value to your customers.

Please contact the Takealytics team for a quote to track in-restaurant pricing for your competitors.


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