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Integrate your own data directly into Takealytics

Takealytics now enables clients to import their own data into the Takealytics platform which will be shown in client reports.

Clients typically include fields such as:

  • Internal Store ID - See the same ID recognised by the internal team and used in internal systems in the Takealytics UI.

  • Region and Area Manager - To make it easy to segment reports restaurants can be split by region or area manager making it easy for users to filter reports to the restaurants they are responsible for.

  • Restaurant Attributes - Import details about the restaurant e.g. Dark Store/High Street Store which menu they are using or features of the restaurant e.g. whether it is equipped with a particular type of oven or opted in for specific food types such as Vegan. This can be really handy when running menu reports to identify which items should be shown in a specific location.

  • Weekly Sales or Sales Rank - To understand importance of each store data such as weekly sales or sales rank can be imported and shown alongside delivery time and review data.

Takealytics Grid Builder showing clients internal attributes

Attributes can easily be updated at any time.


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