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Monitor your estates menu availability in real-time

The team here at Takealytics have been identifying new ways to analyse and report on client data and we have recently started working on visualizations of product availability for your brands over a period of time.

This data can be used to identify peaks and troughs in stock levels and availability of your most successful products. Are your stores running out of a best seller too early in the day? Are some lines not selling so well and contribute to wastage? With our reports we can help you identify such trends and help your business optimise their availability.

In this example, we have taken a well-known Highstreet sandwich company - we can see how the Bacon and Egg sandwich is flagged as out of stock at 70% of their venues by midday, whilst over lines stay over 60% available. Could this be leading to lost revenue by not ensuring better availability of the Bacon and Egg Sandwich?

Furthermore, our Menu analytics can also be used to monitor and track compliance between platforms if your estate is active on multiple aggregators. It’s important to ensure that customers get the same level of service, regardless of how they choose to order their items.

In this example we identified that over the course of a day stock of mince pies was not once synchronised between platforms. This means that several stores were listing Mince Pies as out of stock on one platform, whilst in stock on the others. This can result in poor service for customers if they attempt to order an item which is listed as in stock, when in fact the item is not. These kinds of incidents can lead to poor reviews which can have a lasting effect on a venues public trust, and revenue.


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