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New reporting tools to empower our clients

We have been continuing to work hard to refine and enhance our reporting capabilities in Takealytics. Iterating through feedback and collaboration with our partners we have added the ability to define specific timeframes for our availability reporting.

Our clients have explained that not all open hours are equal. A venue being offline during a quiet period is not as impactful as being unavailable during the middle of a peak trading time. Being able to report on these peak times returns the greatest value and insight for being able to target availability and delivery time improvements internally.

These changes to our reporting allow our clients to understand exactly how their venues are affected during their busiest hours, and with full customisation of these reports, we’re able to meet the needs of the different businesses that operate across the hospitality industry.

Beyond this, we have also begun looking at new ways to present this data to meet the needs of different teams within client organisations. Operational teams or field-based Area Managers need to understand the key metrics which drive performance in their area.

Given this, we have created a number of easy to understand “Scorecard” style reporting summaries which deliver the most important datapoints in simple formats. This way, we can ensure our reporting meets the delivery requirements of our clients, and seamlessly integrates into their existing reporting styles.

See availability of your restaurant estate by region

Benchmark your performance against your nearby competitors

For more information on how our reports can help you fine tune your online delivery performance and help identify areas for improvement, click here to book a demo with our team.


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