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Outperform your competition with Takealytics Promotions

We are delighted to announce the launch of takealytics Promotions giving insight into your competitors promotional activity. See when they promote and the types of promotional mechanics they use.

Promotional Calendars

Takealytics Promotions provides users with a visual Promotional Calendar, offering a detailed overview of competitors' promotions across their entire estate.

Effortlessly evaluate the promotional tactics utilised by your rivals. By gaining insights into the kinds of promotions they are currently implementing and their timing, you can enhance and fine-tune your own promotional approach.

The "Most Common" Promotional Calendar provides information about the promotions that your competitors have been implementing across the majority of their venues.

See when your competitors have done deep discount promotions. Through tracking this data historically easily identify patterns in your competitors strategy. This can be invaluable in amending your own promotional strategy to outperform the competition.

Promotional Score

The Promotional Score is a value assigned to a promotion based on its impact on the consumer. The score is determined by the depth of discount offered in the promotion. Deeper discount promotions have a greater impact and therefore receive a higher score.

Promotional Score for Pizza brands

This is beneficial for gauging which competitors are currently running the most influential promotions. A higher score signifies a more substantial discount being offered. If a competitor's score surpasses that of your brand, it implies that you may be losing customers to your rivals.

Ensuring Consistency in your Promotions

Takealytics not only helps your business analyse competitor promotions it also enables you to check your own promotional activity. See the promotional activity taking place for every venue in your estate and where venues haven't been promoted correctly.

Clients use takealytics Promotions to:

  • Understand their competitors promotional strategy and plan their own activity accordingly.

  • Identify areas where they are over-promoting and potential areas where they can save promotional spend.

  • Monitor their estate and quickly identify when venues have incorrectly dropped off promotion.

If you would like to access takealytics Promotions please contact our support team.


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