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Price points. How much really is a can of Cola?

Market Share is potentially one of the most effective measures of quantifying a brands success. The more popular and prevalent a product is and available at more venues, the opportunities for sales increase.

Utilising our data scrapes, Takealytics can help assess the popularity of common brands as well as understand the prices that resellers are able to list these at.

We have taken a sample of all venues within 5KM of Reading across all aggregators, which gave us 398 venues and from this we can list the most common brands of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and Ice Cream.

For example, when counting the instances of Coca Cola, we count 933 appearances, indicating that each venue has on average 2.4 different variations of Coca Cola. Pepsi comes up as the second most common brand with 354 listings. With Coca Cola being the most commonly drunk beverage behind water, this result comes as no surprise, but being able to see the stark difference between first and second place gives context to the success of the Coca Cola Brand.

From similar counts we can also see that Peroni is the most popular alcoholic drink to be offered, as is Ben & Jerry’s more common than Häagen-Dazs as a desert offering.

Delving deeper into the Coca Cola data we can begin to explore information on the variation of their product line, as we currently show the average of 2.4 offerings per venue, we know that Coca Cola offer variations on sugar content and size.

Below we can see the variation in flavours and sugar content. It is a pleasant surprise to see the sugar free options are far more available then the original, however with recently implemented sugar tax in the UK, this move is more understandable.

If we take a further dive into the individual products however, this is where the interesting variations begin to occur. If we combine the Original and Classic names as the same product, as the Coca Cola website only now lists the “original” as the basic flavour, we can begin to explore the pricing difference between venues.

The biggest surprise in this data is the wild variation in pricing for some of the same items. A few of the biggest variances are as follows:

· 330ml Can £1 - £3.25

· 1.5l Bottle £1.90 - £4.50

From this scatter chart below, we can visualize the spread of pricing for these items across all sizes of Original Coke, as well as how many venues are listing these prices.

For such a small selection of products, the variance differences are rather large, especially when taken from such a local area. It goes to show the importance of looking around for the best possible deal!


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