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Takealytics Launches Email Alerts

takealytics Alerts keep you instantly updated on issues across your estate. Be immediately informed of availability issues, a decline in reviews, inconsistent opening hours or missing food tags. See when your competitors have launched in new locations or changed their promotional strategy. Alerts are sent to the right people in your business to fix issues immediately, enabling you to maintain a competitive edge.

Be instantly alerted to Availability or Delivery Time issues

See as soon as any of your venues aren't open for delivery when they are supposed to be or have high delivery time. Click through to the Venue Dashboard to see the Delivery Time Calendar or link directly through to the aggregator for more information.

Black Sheep Coffee Alert on venues which should be open and have high delivery times

See as soon as competitors launch in new Locations

Set up weekly alerts on competitor activity. The example below details DJ Khaled's Another Wing chain which has launched in new locations across Deliveroo and Uber Eats in recent weeks.

Another Wing by DJ Khaled New Listings

Many metrics to choose from

Pick and choose the metrics you want to see in your alert. Choose from:

Availability, Delivery Times, New Listings, Ratings, Hygiene Score, Promotions, through to Missing Food Tags and Inconsistent Opening Hours. Alerts can be tailored to focus on data from one specific aggregator or to only inform you when there is a restaurant issues across all aggregators.

Share alerts with the people who can drive action

Define exactly who receives the alert and how frequently it is sent. Alerts showing competitor promotions or competitor new listings can be sent to head office marketing teams whilst reports on specific groups of venues can be sent to regional managers or simplified alerts can be sent specifically to restaurant GMs.

Options to choose how your alerts are setup

Users can setup their own alerts directly within the UI or our client service team can define alerts across your whole business.

Contact Us to find our more or request access to Takealytics


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