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Takealytics launches 'Menu Analysis'

Tracking each menu item across your estate we give restaurants visibility of their menu availability, pricing consistency, missing imagery and descriptions across the aggregators.

Optimising your menu

All too often menus fail to load correctly across the aggregators resulting in inconsistent pricing, unavailable items and missing images.

takealytics Menu Analysis will automatically highlight any issues across your estate enabling you to easily keep your content in sync across platforms.

In addition takealytics tracks spelling and grammar issues across your products, descriptions and category names, and ensures image content remains consistent throughout your estate.

Walk through of takealytics Menu Analysis

Competitor Insights

As well as optimising your menu, takealytics provides competitor menu data. Analyse your competitors range and pricing strategy. Understand if they operate local or national pricing. Easily compare menus to identify how your pricing competes with your nearby competitors.

Examples of competitor regional pricing.


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