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Takealytics Launches 'Sponsored Placement'

Takealytics is delighted to announce the launch of Sponsored Placement, tracking where restaurants have promoted listings or are shown on featured carousels across the delivery aggregators.

Restaurant brands may choose to sponsor their listing to drive immediate sales and awareness in the local area. This in turn can help improve organic placement and boost ongoing revenues.

Ensuring you are getting the best value from your sponsorship budget is essential. Takealytics gives you full visibility of your Sponsored Placement activity and how that compares to your nearby competitors.

Sponsored Placement tracking by Frankie and Benny's location - see where each brand is returned in the Sponsored Carousel.

With limited space in delivery apps - being within the first 2 - 3 result is essential in maximising the value from sponsorship.

  • See where you place versus your competitors at key times of the day.

  • Identify if you are running out of budget or others are spending more than you.

  • Find locations where you can reduce spend.

Takealytics Sponsored Calendar shows who is promoting across the country.

See which brands have the greatest share of sponsored slots giving an ongoing understanding of the competitive landscape, who is paying for sponsorship and when. This data can be invaluable in optimsing your promotional spend.

Sponsored Calendar shows who has Sponsored placement by day


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