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Takealytics now tracks Hygiene Rating

Easily check your restaurants Hygiene Rating and how that is being communicated across the aggregators.

Takealytics tracks Hygiene Rating across Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats making it easy for you to review your estates Hygiene score.

FSA Hygiene Rating on Uber Eats

Rating Checks

If you have a large restaurant estate reviewing your Hygiene Rating can be extremely time consuming. Takealytics makes it easy to review this alongside review data to see any locations which are underperforming.

Consistent Communication

Our clients use this data to ensure the aggregators are correctly communicating their Hygiene Rating and that it is being reflected consistently across the aggregators. If this data is incorrect it will likely reduce sales and damage the reputation of your brand. Easily check that your estate is being accurately represented.

Competitor Analysis

See how competitor restaurants hygiene rating performs against your own either across their whole estate or by looking at restaurants nearby to your location.


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