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Takealytics tracks FoodHub

In addition to tracking Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats, takealytics has this week expanded its coverage to include the 17k restaurants available on FoodHub.

Tracking data throughout the day, takealytics enables restaurants to review delivery time, reviews, stock, range, pricing and promotions across all four aggregators in one place.

FoodHub Coverage in the takealytics platform

The enhancement of coverage to FoodHub comes days after takealytics expansion in tracking Restaurant's Own Delivery Platforms with coverage of:

  • Foodhub

  • Order YoYo

  • Flipdish

  • OrderSwift

  • Preoday

  • Action Prompt

  • Zpos

  • Slerp

  • Kukd

  • Chef Online

  • VitaMojo

  • Hungrrr

  • Touch2Success

  • Loke

  • Appaway

  • Limetray

  • Eemo

Please contact takealytics to discuss accessing restaurant level reporting on the aggregators or White Label platforms.


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