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Uber Eats has greatest growth in Lockdown - Takealytics Platform Share Report

takealytics collects data from 100k+ restaurants, supermarkets, brands and convenience stores (venues) across Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats every day. Our Platform Share report matches those restaurants across the platforms based on postcode and details their venue count and share (based on number of venues).

March 2021

  • As a result of UK lockdown and furlough we have seen an overall decrease in the number of venues offering delivery in March, with a decrease of 2,194 unique venues across the three aggregators vs December and January.

  • Uber Eats is the only platform to offer more venues over this time, up 4.7% and currently exceeding Deliveroo with 34,208 venues.

  • Deliveroo has had the most venues close which we believe is due to their client base being restaurants (as opposed to traditional take away) focussed venues.

  • Many of these restaurants have not chosen to provide a delivery only offer over this time. January numbers are similar to those seen for Deliveroo back in November ‘20. We anticipate this will rapidly increase as venues re-open in the coming months.

  • Uber Eats has continued to see growth with a larger proportion of their venues remaining open and the greatest number of new venues opening over this time. Uber’s growth has been influenced by retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Asda & McColls expanding on the platform.

  • As a result Deliveroo has has seen a decline in share whilst Uber Eats has grown its share of venues.

March '21 Share by Aggregator and Change vs Dec/Jan

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