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Co-op: Shoppers can now get items from 400 stores on Deliveroo

Co-op have announced that customers can now order items from 400 Co-op stores across the UK from Deliveroo.

According to the retailer, the move makes Co-op the most widely available supermarket on the Deliveroo app.

How soon could deliveries be made?

More than 600 grocery and household items are available to customers on the Deliveroo app, which are packed by Co-op colleagues at local stores and delivered by Deliveroo riders in as little as under 30 minutes.

When did Co-op's partnership with Deliveroo begin?

Co-op’s roll-out with Deliveroo began in 2019 and has accelerated this year to cover 128 cities across the UK.

The average delivery is 1.7km away from the store, and the top four cities with an appetite for on-demand convenience are London, Manchester, Leeds and Brighton.

Consumer eating habits have adapted during lockdown, with shoppers turning to healthy fruit choices since March, with strawberries and bananas the most popular food items.

The top alcohol choice during lockdown has been Co-op’s Irresistible Prosecco. Customers are also placing larger orders and ordering more frequently, with the most popular times on Friday and Saturday early evening.

What have the Co-op said?

Chris Conway, head of Ecommerce, Co-op, said: “We are offering speed, flexibility and choice with on demand, online convenience meeting consumer needs in our communities.

"We have accelerated our plans to roll-out online delivery through our own online store and with partners.

"Products are selected locally by Co-op stores which act as micro-distribution hubs and so also benefit from the significant increase seen in demand as consumer shopping trends change in the wake of Covid-19 and more people shop for food online.”

What have Deliveroo said?

Ajay Lakhani, vice president of New Business, Deliveroo said: “We are delighted that the Co-op and Deliveroo partnership has been such a success and reached the milestone of 400 stores across the UK.

"At Deliveroo we want to play our role to help people get the food and household items they need and want in as little as under 30 minutes.”

Online home delivery and click & collect roll-out accelerated

The Co-op say they have accelerated the roll-out of its online offer and is on track to provide online home delivery and click & collect from more than 650 stores by the end of the year, through partnerships and its own online shop,

Source: The Argus

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