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Elevate Your Restaurant's Success with Takealytics Predefined Reports

At Takealytics, we're continually looking for ways to empower our clients with actionable insights and tools that streamline their operations and enhance performance. That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of Predefined Reports, a set of pre-configured reports designed to offer you an unparalleled overview of your restaurant's performance at a glance.

What Are Predefined Reports?

Predefined Reports are a suite of analytical tools pre-configured on your Takealytics account. These reports are crafted to help you identify opportunities for improvement, track competitor activity, review customer feedback, and ensure consistency across your digital presence. From monitoring venues that should be open to analysing competitor promotions and customer reviews, Predefined Reports cover all the bases.

Tailored to You

As part of this new reporting we can tailor Takealytics to show reporting specifically for the locations you are a responsible for. Whether you track all your restaurant brands or look after a regional selection, we can tailor the reporting to show the data that is relevant for you. By creating a Venue Group and setting this as default on your account all your reporting will focus on the restaurants you are responsible for, whilst your colleague will see their locations. Each of our Predefined Reports then focus on showing you the operational issues for your specific locations.

Easy Access for Immediate Insights

Accessing these insights is straightforward. Simply navigate to the "Load" menu in the top right corner of the Takealytics site. There, you'll find both the newly introduced predefined reports alongside any custom reports you've previously created. With just a click, you can dive into the latest data tailored specifically to your operations.

Accessing Predefined Reports - Live and available in your account now!

A Closer Look at Predefined Reports

Our predefined reports encompass a wide range of metrics and analyses:

  • Venues Which Should Be Open: Quickly identify any of your venues that are unexpectedly closed, complete with location data and a deep dive into historical performance.

  • Venues with >45 Min Delivery Time: Spot venues suffering from prolonged delivery times and make the necessary adjustments to preparation times to improve sales.

  • Promo Analysis: Gain a comparative view of promotional activities between your brand and competitors over the last two weeks.

  • Missing Food Tags: Ensure your restaurant appears in relevant search results by identifying and correcting any missing food tags on aggregator platforms.

  • Hero Images: Review and standardise the use of hero images across your estate to maintain brand consistency.

  • "Deliveroo Choice" Venues: Identify your venues associated with "Deliveroo Choice" and their corresponding reviews and hygiene ratings.

  • Listings Opportunities: Discover potential listing opportunities across different aggregators to maximise your visibility.

  • Opening Hours & Peak Time Open Check: Verify that your venues' opening hours are correctly listed and aligned with peak customer times.

  • Venue with Poor Reviews: Address venues with low ratings promptly to mitigate the risk of being delisted.

  • Missing or Poor Hygiene: Highlight locations with missing or subpar hygiene ratings, necessitating immediate action.

  • Out of Stocks: Monitor and address out-of-stock issues to ensure a complete menu offering.

  • Missing Imagery: Enhance your menu's appeal by updating locations lacking in imagery or descriptions.

  • Google Data: Leverage Google Places data for comprehensive insights into your locations' online presence and performance.

More detail on each of these reports can be found in our Help Centre.

Predefined reports include tracking how your restaurants are displayed on Google. See which stores have poor reviews, opening hours which are inconsistent with the aggregators or missing social links.

Empowering Your Business

These reports are not just about presenting data; they're about offering insights that drive action. Whether it's adjusting opening hours, improving menu visibility, or enhancing customer satisfaction, Predefined Reports are your ally in navigating the complex landscape of the food delivery business.

We invite you to explore these reports and leverage the insights they provide. As always, our team is here to support you, whether you need help navigating the new features or customising your reports further. For any questions or further assistance, reach out through the Takealytics Chat feature on our website.


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