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Takealytics launches Restaurant Promotional Tracking

Takealytics has today released new functionality to help restaurants better analyse promotions in the takeaway sector. Takealytics promotional analysis gives clear visibility of the promotions taking place on Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats both for competitor restaurants and own restaurants.

Chris Thomas, founder of Takealytics announced:

“We launched Takealytics at the beginning of lockdown to help restaurants optimise their performance and increase sales across aggregators such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats. I am delighted to announce the launch of this new data set which gives restaurants better visibility of their competitors’ promotions”.

Through tracking promotions over time, restaurant chains can easily understand trends in competitor activity and generate more effective promotional campaigns. In addition the data can be used to review promotional compliance across their own estate.

Takealytics Promotional Analysis shown in the Takealytics app

This data can also be used to analyse which aggregator/platform had the greatest promotional coverage as well as who has offered the greatest discount to the consumer.

The charts below show the percentage of all restaurants which were on promotion on Friday night across the UK by platform. It can be seen that Deliveroo had the greatest percentage of its restaurants offering a promotion.

Takealytics codes each of these promotions by type enabling easy comparison of the promotional mix being used across each platform. It can be seen Just Eat promotions are all Percentage Discount promotions, Uber Eats conducts more Spend X Save Y promotions whilst Deliveroo conducts a mixture of meal deal and % discount offers.

Restaurants can benchmark their promotional activity against competitors. The chart below details the level of promotions taking place across each restaurant's estate and on which platforms/aggregators they were promoting on.

This can be further broken down by Promotional Mechanic detailing what specific type of promotion they were offering. Pizza Express is offering a Free Item promotion whilst others are offering percentage discount promotions.

Data shown is based on promotions seen at 18:30 on Friday 15th January 2021.

To review promotional activity for your brand and your competitors please contact Takealytics to find out more.


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