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Takealytics new Nearby Delivery Time Tracking & Auto Calling of Restaurants...

takealytics compares your restaurant performance to nearby competitors, automatically highlights restaurant or platform issues and auto-calls restaurants to address availability issues.

Chris, the founder of takealytics talks more about these new features ...

Nearby Delivery Time tracking

takealytics compares your venue's performance to those nearby. See how your restaurants availability and delivery time compares to your nearest competitors.

Is it a restaurant or platform capacity issue?

takealytics continuously compares your performance to the nearby market to flag where there is restaurant/kitchen capacity issue or a platform/aggregator issue.

This data is used to to optimise staffing and reduce delivery times.

Restaurants which aren't available when they should be

takealytics flags when restaurants in your estate aren't available on delivery platforms when they should be. By comparing this to nearby restaurant's we can identify if this is a rider supply or restaurant issue.

Auto-calling Unavailable Restaurants

Where a restaurant hasn't opened when it it scheduled to takealytics will automatically call the restaurant to alert them. Addressing availability issues as soon as they occur.

Listing Opportunities

As platforms continue to expand takealytics flags listing opportunities for you to grow your coverage if a platform operates near to your restaurant.

To find out more about Takealytics or to arrange a demo... Book at time to chat


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