Takealytics Launches Delivery Time Calendars

Delivery Time Calendars give restaurants visibility of delivery time and availability across all aggregators in one place.

This week takealytics launches Delivery Time Calendars. This feature is available as part of Takealytics Venue Dashboard. It gives restaurants the ability to easily review delivery time across their estate and identify when restaurants aren't available when they should be.

Chris Thomas, Founder of Takealytics says

"These Calendars make it really easy to identify when in the week restaurants are experiencing peaks in delivery time... When linked with our Nearby Delivery Time data clients can understand if these peaks are related to a Kitchen Capacity issue or Aggregator/Platform rider capacity issue... Our clients use this in conjunction with staffing rota's to ensure they have the right kitchen capacity at peak times".

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With real time data from 100k+ restaurants, Takealytics gives you the insights you need to optimise your takeaway business. Evaluate delivery time, reviews, stock, range, pricing and promotions across all platforms in one place.

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