Takealytics Performance Score - 16th April

Following the launch of takealytics white paper "optimising food delivery performance" takealytics has launched takealytics performance score - a weekly review of how the top restaurant chains are performing on delivery.

Takealytics have identified four fundamental factors that influence online delivery performance:

  • Availability - Ensuring restaurants are open and available on relevant platforms when they are scheduled to be.

  • Delivery Time - 81% of shoppers will wait up to a maximum of 45 minutes for their delivery. If the estimated delivery time is greater than this they will purchase elsewhere. Ensuring your restaurant has capacity to delivery in less than 45mins is key to winning orders.

  • Out of Stocks - Having key items out of stock on your menu may drive consumers to purchase elsewhere. The takealytics score below measures venues which have more than five items out of stock.

  • Reviews - Consumers are influenced by Reviews. If your restaurant has poor reviews consumers will choose a higher ranking restaurant. The takealytics score below counts any venue where its star rating is below three on any of the platforms.

Focussing on each of the above factors will help grow your food delivery orders and revenues.

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The takealytics performance score brings together all of the above factors to provide one metric to measure a restaurant chains performance across Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats. See how the largest takeaway restaurant chains perform each week.

16th April

Pizza Express and Nando's continue to have the highest performance scores with strong availability and good delivery times.

  • Availability - Subway had the worst availability with 6% of venues unavailable. This was mainly seen on Just Eat and Uber Eats.

  • Delivery Time - Papa John's and Pizza Hut had the slowest delivery time with 59 Papa John's locations having more than 45 minute delivery time, whilst Pizza Hut had 76 venues with high delivery time.

  • Out of Stocks - Subway had the greatest number of menu items out of stock with 9% of venues having 5 or more items out of stock.

  • Reviews - KFC has the worst reviews with 43% of locations having a score of less than 4 stars.

Data as at 6.30pm Friday 16th April

Your restaurant not on the list? Contact the takealytics team for more information.

The takealytics performance score is updated every week so come back to our insights page to see how these trends have changed.

Data is collected at a specific time each week across every venue in the restaurants estate shown on Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats. The data is aggregated across platforms and quality checked by takealytics analytics team.

Source: takealytics.com


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