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Case Study: 6 Ways Takealytics has helped Krispy Kreme

We have recently partnered with Krispy Kreme who access all Takealytics analytics across the UK. Below we detail 6 ways Takealytics has helped Krispy Kreme optimise their online delivery performance:

Increased visibility

Takealytics enables Krispy Kreme to access their full estate in one place, providing a direct window into the customer-facing section of the delivery funnel.

At the click of a button, Krispy Kreme can zone in and find out exactly what the customers see across each store. Choosing from a range of data sets, they can whittle down to the specific metrics they wish to audit. This can include:

  • Hero and product images

  • Product and store descriptions

  • Keywords and tags

  • Promotions and offers

Screenshot of Hero Image tracking in Takealytics

And this is really handy. Not only because it helps manage UK-wide brand consistency, but it also works to spot any missing or incorrect content.

For example, one of the first things highlighted when Krispy Kreme initially started using Takealytics was that their keyword listing on Uber Eats weren’t quite hitting the mark. Keywords, and using the right keywords, is a basic yet fundamental practice for ensuring that customers can find you online.

They realised that although they are the UK’s biggest doughnut provider, their Uber Eats keywords didn’t reflect this at all. They could spot and eradicate the issue faster than they ever could have before. Whilst this is low hanging fruit, it’s the kind of thing that Takealytics is really good at - helping brands make minor adjustments that make big differences to long-term performance.

A real-time view

Because the data is continually being updated around the clock it offers a bird’s-eye view of what is happening on the ground, making it easier to spot any issues as they arise.

Performance Managers can quickly and easily review a range of metrics including:

  • Store opening times

  • Ratings

  • Average delivery times

  • Stock levels

  • The average delivery time in the area

Takealytics Grid Builder - Enabling Krispy Kreme to review key metrics

Besides real-time reporting, the software also issues twice-weekly reviews. These up-to-date summaries are key for cascading information to the relevant teams. The provision of continual feedback has stimulated and realigned a sense of collective responsibility and put Krispy Kreme on a path to taking a far more systematic approach to managing delivery performance across all UK touchpoints.

Problem solving and optimisation

Accessing real-time store and platform metrics has proved beneficial for highlighting and rectifying any lag factors and stumbling blocks that may affect delivery performance.

For example, if a store is showing status as closed when it should be open, has low stock levels or an incorrect promotion showing, Krispy Kreme can jump into action and contact stores directly to support them in resolving any issues they may be having.

In the longer term, the dashboard enables the user to distinguish between highly rated and lower and middle-of-the-table rated stores. As anyone providing delivery via third party delivery aggregators will know, ratings are a significant KPI that directly correlates to delivery performance and revenue. With Takealytics, Krispy Kreme has been able to bring to attention and focus efforts on stores with lower ratings.

Takealytics Venue Dashboard

They can use the data to spot performance factors that relate to lower store ratings, thus finding the cause at root. From this, they can deduce key focus points, realign with KPIs and produce custom reports for each store, tuning data into highly targeted data-led feedback, team training and improvement opportunities.

For Krispy Kreme, it’s all about being on the same page. Providing tailored support for each of their stores has proven to be a far more resourceful and collaborative approach, whereby in-store teams have the confidence and know-how to improve their aggregator ratings and revenue.

Campaign and promotion tracking

Krispy Kreme has also experienced significant benefits of using this software when launching promotions across multiple platforms and stores. Before using Takealytics, Krispy Kreme had no real way of promptly auditing how a campaign looked across 130 UK-wide stores. Takealytics enables you to check your hero images and promotions in an instant, giving a breadth of visibility.

Krispy Kreme Love Dozen

And when it comes to launching new products, Takealytics steps up to the mark again. Because the software enables you to check menu items across all stores, when Krispy Kreme launched their Summer Love Dozen range with Just Eat, they used the software to quickly and easily pull a report on the number of menu items across their stores to check that their new products had landed in each store.

Development and planning

Takealytics offers some really useful mapping tools, giving an in-depth insight into coverage across regional and local delivery areas that would otherwise be really difficult to identify. With this software at hand, Krispy Kreme can better understand their competitors and have more bounce to stay ahead of the curve.

Overview page by postcode - See nearby competitors

The tool can be used for benchmarking and market research, helping to bring opportunities for future scaling and growth to the surface. This has given Krispy Kreme the confidence they need to be more agile with their marketing and make nuanced changes.

It has opened their eyes to new potentials and ‘what ifs’ and provided plenty of food for thought about how they can experiment with different approaches to their marketing at both UK-wide and regional level.

More time to do

The beauty of Takealytics is that it does all the legwork for you. The data gathered is reliable and stores are matched across the three aggregators giving a complete version of the truth of what is going on across the entire estate at any one time.

For Krispy Kreme, this is a major upgrade. There’s no time-consuming research and data collection required, or need to compile data from multiple sources. It’s all in one place, ready to go. Reporting on their delivery performance has never been easier.

Delivery Time Calendar

With less time spent finding problems in the first place and more time well spent making things better and focusing on the positives, Takealytics offers a refreshing approach to delivery performance management.

The software itself is easy to use and robust. It’s a highly dynamic toolkit that can be shared confidently with stores and regional managers who can collectively work together to implement growth and development strategies.


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