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‘Deliveroo’s Choice’ Data now available in Takealytics

Deliveroo’s Choice was launched in November as a way to highlight and promote the best venues across the Deliveroo platform. This highlights venues that offer great customer value, quick delivery, and great reviews. The primary driver of the "Choice" tag is if the venue is providing value and the customer isn't paying a premium for using Deliveroo over dining at the restaurant.

The Deliveroo's Choice tag is shown on the Deliveroo app with a badge shown next to the venue.

This data is now captured as past of the Takealytics platform:

  • See which venues in your estate or your competitors estate have Deliveroo's Choice tags

  • Review how this has changed over time.

  • Review how your restaurant compares to others nearby.

  • Overlay this against Review and Delivery Time data to see why these locations may not have qualified.

To see this data select Deliveroo’s Choice from the Tags option in the Filter menu:

Alternatively access this data in Grid Builder by choosing the Tags field. This will show which venues have this tag and which don't. Use the Date filter to see how this has changed over time.

For any further questions about Deliveroo’s Choice please contact the Takealytics Team.


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