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Hungry for Success Part 4: Unleashing the Power of Images, Descriptions, and Competitive Pricing to

In part four of our blog we explore how to make your menu stand out from the crowd. The consumer has chosen their platform, selected a food type, picked from a range of restaurants and chosen your restaurant. Now it’s make-or-break time. Get this right and you have banked the sale, get this wrong and the shopper will go back and choose a different venue. So how do you win over the consumer at this stage – its all about the menu.

Imagery and Descriptions

A captivating and skilfully captured photograph has the power to eliminate any doubts a potential customer may have about the quality of your food, compelling them to make a purchase. However, it is crucial to maintain consistency by showcasing these enticing images across your entire menu range. Invest in professional imagery and provide detailed descriptions for each of your menu items. By incorporating professionally-taken photos into your page, you can expect a 30% increase in sales.

It is essential to ensure imagery and descriptions are displayed across all of your menu. Surprisingly, many of our clients experience issues with their imagery and descriptions disappearing from aggregators after being initially loaded. Therefore, it is vital to consistently monitor and update your menu imagery and descriptions, especially when making changes to your menu. This attention to detail plays a critical role in maximising the impact of your visuals and maintaining a compelling customer experience.

In addition to missing content it's important to ensure every one of your menu items are correctly listed on your menu. By missing menu items you will be losing out on sales. This is especially important when launching limited edition menu items which may be featured as part of your promotion or Hero image.

Takealytics continuously monitors your menu - highlighting when images, descriptions or calorie content is missing. Be alerted as soon as imagery drops off your menu and use menu reports to see exactly which items are missing content.


Getting your online pricing right is a critical aspect of success. While some businesses choose to align with in-store pricing, others adopt an independent pricing strategy specifically for delivery.

Opting for an independent delivery-based pricing structure offers greater flexibility to competitively price your menu and ensure profitability in delivery operations. With the recent rise in food costs, understanding your pricing in comparison to your competitors is more important than ever.

Takealytics monitors the price of each of your restaurants as well as that of your competitors. Easily see as soon as your competitors move on price or introduce new items.

Understanding your competitors price bands enables you to ensure you are competitively priced versus other brands close by. By using this data combined with your internal menu or margin data you can build an online pricing structure which ensures you are competitive whilst also making a return that makes running a delivery operation sustainable.


In conclusion, effectively monitoring and managing your performance on delivery aggregators is crucial to growing your revenue and enhancing your brand's visibility. By implementing the strategies outlined in this blog, such as optimising placement, delivery time, reviews, and imagery, you can set your business apart from competitors and attract more customers.

Continuously evaluating and adjusting your delivery performance can improve your organic position on the platforms, leading to increased sales and long-term success. So, make sure to keep a close eye on your delivery metrics and make adjustments as necessary to ensure your business thrives in the ever-growing world of food delivery.


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