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Platform Promotions

Takealytics tracks the promotional text shown on Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats for every location of every brand. Each promotion is normalised and coded across the platforms to give one uniform way to review which mechanics were being used. As such you can see who has had the greatest promotional coverage, on which aggregator and what types of promotions they have used*.

Promotional Activity by Platform

This chart show the percentage of all venues on promotion by platform at the time of the analysis. Currently Deliveroo has more venues on promotion that the other aggregators.

Promotional Mechanic by Platform

Promotional mechanics used by each platform across all venues on promotional at the time of the analysis. Meal Deal promotions dominate on Deliveroo, with Just Eat mainly doing % Discounts and Uber Eats communicating Spend X Save Y.

*Please note that free delivery and discounted delivery is not captured as a promo as this is not consistently highlighted as a promotion across all three aggregators (Just Eat don’t treat this as a promotion).


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